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Gear up and take charge with 5.11 Tactical Clothing from C.I. Shooting Sports in Bloomington, Illinois. 5.11 Tactical is the most trusted brand that manufactures purpose-driven gear for the most demanding missions. 5.11 Tactical is the right apparel for tactical training applications when considering comfort, maneuverability, and adaptiveness.


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Shop 5.11 Tactical Clothing in Bloomington, Illinois

Specifically crafted as everyday armor for tactical operators of all kinds, including SWAT officers, soldiers, patrol officers, security contractors, and EMS/fire professionals, 5.11 Tactical gear from C.I. Shooting Sports is the first authentic tactical brand to offer a complete line of tactical wearables. We offer variations of:

  • pants
  • shirts
  • accessories
  • footwear for men
  • footwear for women
  • and numerous specific industries.


From covert cargo pockets for functionality and subtlety to reinforced knees and hems for harsh environments, 5.11 Tactical Wear in Bloomington IL is the best brand for the job.

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Your Provider of 5.11 Tactical in Bloomington IL


C.I. Shooting Sports is proud to be the only 5.11 tactical gear provider in the entire state of Illinois. You can be assured of the quality of our products, which are engineered to maximize comfort, increase breathability, and keep you looking your best. C.I. Shooting Sports is ready to help you with training apparel that is fashionable and functional. You can trust us for 5.11 Tactical clothes in Bloomington IL.


We are also Bloomington's premier shooting range offering firearms training, FOID certification courses, and several shooting leagues!


C.I. Shooting Sports: Your Only Illinois Store Carrying 5.11 Tactical Clothing & Gear


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