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Safety, mastery, and technique are required when handling firearms. To an operator, a conditioned gun and a good, steady disposition can result in smooth execution from drawing the weapon to firing and reloading.


Firearm training is not just important, it is required for the safety of the public. Do's and don't's are covered in the basics, but marksmanship and advanced safety can be learned from advanced firearms training courses by CI Shooting Sports in Bloomington, IL.


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If you want to be an agile and responsible gun owner, then you need firearms training in Bloomington, IL. Whether using a pistol, rifle, or shotgun, you can greatly benefit from the different training programs at C.I. Shooting Sports. A two-hour basic pistol maintenance course will make students more aware of the nomenclature of their pistols and their ability to properly clean and recognize the maintenance issues that can then be checked or repaired by a certified armorer or gunsmith.


firearm handling courses offered in Bloomington IL


Firearm Training Course Types

Below is a summary of the course types we offer - all courses are a one-time payment. When in need of firearms courses in Bloomington, IL that will help you improve your skills and knowledge about gun ownership, then C.I. Shooting Sports is the best place to be.


Introductory Firearm Training Courses

Learn the fundamentals of shooting as a new gun owner, or build on basic skills related to topics like handgun handling, tactical rifle handling, or reloading. Here are the current courses we offer:

  • NRA Certified Basic Pistol

  • Introduction to Metallic Reloading

  • Beginners Handgun

  • Tactical Rifle 1

  • Defensive Handgun 1



Look at upcoming dates to register for an Introductory Course.


Advanced Firearms Training Courses

Our advanced firearm courses are more intensive sessions that build on the fundamentals taught in our Introductory level classes. These classes are open to gun owners looking to expand their knowledge of a particular topic. Prerequisite courses are recommended for these classes:

  • Low Light Pistol

  • Tactical 2 - Rifle/Pistol Transition

  • Defensive Handgun 2


Look at upcoming dates to register for an Advanced Course.


Firearms Courses for Minors

Our classes for minors are offered seasonally for a low cost of $39! With parental accompaniment, young gun handlers can learn firearm safety and technique from a certified instructor. Classes are split by age group:

  • Kids in Training (ages 7-11)

  • Teens in Training (ages 12-17)


Look at upcoming dates to register your child for a Minors Course.



Concealed Carry Certification & Renewal in Bloomington IL


For those looking to obtain their license to conceal and carry, we offer state-certified classes throughout the year on weekends. We also have regular time slots for Illinois CCW License renewals. Concealed carry courses are considered intermediate level, so we suggest you enroll in an introductory course before proceeding:

  • Illinois Concealed Carry (2-day 16 hours)

  • Partial Illinois Concealed Carry (8 hours)

  • Illinois CCW License Renewal (4 hours)



Look at upcoming dates to register for your Concealed Carry training or renewal.


Ladies Only Firearms Courses

Finally, we offer a ladies-only 4-hour course. See when the next Ladies Course is offered here!


Bloomington, IL Firearm Training Specialists - C.I. Shooting Sports

C.I. Shooting Sports is a state-of-the-art establishment that provides firearms training in Bloomington IL by certified and experienced instructors. The firearms and ammunition for our courses are provided by C.I. Shooting Sports. Sign up online to handle your firearms responsibly!


Trust C.I. Shooting Sports for quality firearms training. Contact us today with any questions.

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