Firearms Training in Bloomington IL

Firearms Training in Bloomington IL

Firearms Safety Training by Certified Professionals

Mastery and technique are required in handling firearms. To an operator, a conditioned gun and a good, steady disposition can result in a smooth execution from drawing the weapon to firing and reloading. Firearms training in Bloomington IL is not just important, it is required for the safety of the public. Do's and don't's are covered in the basics, but marksmanship and advanced safety can be learned from advanced firearms training in Bloomington IL.


If you want to be an agile and responsible gun owner, then you require firearms training in Bloomington IL. Whether using a pistol, rifle, or shotgun, you can greatly benefit from the different training programs at C.I. Shooting Sports. For example, two-hour basic pistol maintenance course will make students more aware of the nomenclature of their pistols and their ability to properly clean and recognize the maintenance issues that can then be checked or repaired by a certified armorer or gunsmith.


Importance of Bloomington Firearms Training


We often hear of news about people being accidentally shot after a mishandling a firearm. More often than not, injuries or even deaths could have been prevented if basic firearms safety rules would have been followed. And, rules would have been followed if proper firearms training had been provided. Firearms training in Bloomington IL is important primarily because of safety. We all want to have responsible and safe gun owners who will protect the safety of the community. Many people who handle guns and who want to gain knowledge about gun safety should sign up for firearms training in Bloomington IL.


Colonel Jeff Cooper was a United States Marine who created the modern technique of handgun shooting and advocated the four basic rules of gun safety, namely:


  • Always consider a gun to be loaded.
  • Never cover the muzzle with anything that you are unwilling to destroy.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on your target.
  • Check your target and whatever is behind it.


Reliable Firearms Courses in Bloomington IL


When in need of firearms courses in Bloomington IL that will help you improve your skills and knowledge about gun ownership, then C.I. Shooting Sports is the best place to be. We also provide the following:



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Basic and Advanced Firearms Training


C.I. Shooting Sports is a reliable firm that provides firearms training in Bloomington IL structured according to different levels of ability. For example, firearms training for minors are also conducted to teach kids about the right use of a firearm. Firearm safety and the operation of a bolt action .22 rifle are discussed in this course. Children should be able to stay focused on learning to use the firearm. The firearms and ammunition for this courese will be provided by C.I. Shooting Sports.


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