FOID Card in Bloomington IL

Foid Card in Bloomington IL

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FOID stands for Firearm Owner's Identification, and a FOID Card is an identification card that bears the details of a gun owner. Any resident in Bloomington, IL who acquires or possesses a firearm or munition must possess a valid FOID Card in Bloomington, IL issued under his or her name. This will allow authorities to identify a gun owner in cases of crises or emergencies. In addition, the Illinois driver's license number and the Illinois identification number of the gun owner are also included in FOID, allowing cross-linking of the gun owner's data for transparency.


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The FOID card is an implementation of the FOID Act, identifying people who are eligible to acquire and possess firearms and ammunition. Unless otherwise prohibited, a FOID card shall be valid for a period of 10 years from the date of issuance. At 60 days before the expiration of a FOID card, the Department of State Police shall forward an application by first-class mail, which may be used to apply for a renewal of the card. The holder of a FOID card in Bloomington IL is responsible for notifying the Department of State Police of any address change since the issuance of the FOID card.


Obtaining a FOID Card in Bloomington IL

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Application forms for FOID cards in Bloomington IL are available at C.I. Shooting Sports. We can help you apply for a FOID card in Bloomington. By letting the State Police know about your firearm, you can promote responsible ownership so that the firearms database of the State can be kept up-to-date. Pertinent information regarding firearms can be made available for the investigation of unwanted circumstances. Having a FOID card in Bloomington is not only a responsible thing to do as it is also the law.


For the sake of public safety and interest, obtain a FOID card by filling up an application at C.I. Shooting Sports. We can help you apply for a FOID card in Bloomington so that you can own your firearm responsibly. Aside from helping you obtain a FOID card, we can also train you for concealed carry and advanced weapons handling techniques. C.I. Shooting Sports is the all-in-one destination that provides help with processing a FOID card in Bloomington IL.


Required FOID Card in Bloomington IL


C.I. Shooting Sports has application forms for the required FOID card in Bloomington IL for gun owners. In addition to this service, we also offer the following:



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FOID card and More


C.I. Shooting Sports does not only help you obtain a FOID card in Bloomington, but we also help you advance your skills in handling your firearm. Our training programs can help make students become more aware of the proper maintenance and use of a firearm. The abilities of properly cleaning and correctly handling a firearm are developed are honed, and advanced shooters can delve into our advanced training with a theme of a "Combat Mindset".


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