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General FAQs

Does your range support physically handicapped shooters?

Yes, our range is wheelchair accessible. We have four lanes available that are five feet wide.

Can minors shoot at the range?

Minors are welcome and are the future of our sport. However, youth shooters must be 10 years of age or above.  All shooters under the age of 18 will need a parent or guardian present in order to shoot.

What type of safety features does the range have?

The backstop of our range is capable of stopping high-power rifle fire. We have concrete-filled masonry walls, ballistic shooting stalls, ballistic glass observation windows, and an industry-leading ventilation system. This range has been designed with safety as the number one priority.

What type of target system does the range use?

Our shooting range is designed and built by Action Target, the leading manufacturer of commercial ranges in the industry. Our targets run on a steel track, not string or cable like some other lower-end ranges. Our shooting stalls are four feet wide for extra comfort and feature LED task lighting overhead. We have four shooting stalls that are five feet wide for handicapped accessibility and instruction.

Does the range allow outside ammo and if so, are there any restrictions on ammo?

Yes, we do allow outside pistol ammunition.  All pistol ammunition must be brass-cased and bullets must be copper jacketed or coated.  No aluminum or steel cased ammunition or solid lead bullets are allowed.  All rifle ammunition must be purchased from C.I. Shooting Sports to guard against dangerous ammunition like armor piercing and tracer rounds that can damage or destroy our range.

What do I need to do to shoot?

When you come to the range, make sure your firearm remains cased until asked for by the range staff. Go to the Lane/Firearm Rental desk to check in and let them know this is your first time shooting at C.I. Shooting Sports. If you are a resident of Illinois, you will need a valid FOID card.  If you are an out of state resident, you will need to provide a state issued ID.


You are first required to watch a range safety and etiquette video, as well as sign the range liability waiver.  Range staff will then assign you a lane, ensure you have the proper hearing and eye protection, and start your tab for the day. You can purchase targets and ammunition at the check-in counter as well. When you are finished shooting, go to the range desk to check out, pay and pick up your ID.  

Can I shoot on the range if I’ve never shot before?

No, you will need to take a Beginner Handgun class to provide the foundational understanding and skills to best-ensure a safe range experience.

How do I transport a firearm to your range?

We ask that all firearms be unloaded and cased when being transported to the range, per Illinois state law. 

Do you have rental guns?

Yes, we have a great selection of both handgun and long gun rentals, with over 50 different firearms to choose from.  All firearm rentals must use ammunition purchased at C.I. Shooting Sports at the time of rental.

What calibers are allowed to be shot on the range?

There is no limit to handgun ammunition, but rifle ammunition is limited to .30 caliber and below. Example is .30-06, .308, .300 and such. Due to the danger of fire in our rubber bullet trap caused by tracer ammunition, it is required that you purchase all rifle ammunition from C.I. Shooting Sports.

Do I need a FOID card to shoot on the range?

You must have a valid Illinois FOID card in order to rent a lane or rent a firearm. As long as you have the ability to obtain a FOID card, then you may shoot as a guest of someone else renting a lane.  If you are a guest shooting with someone on a lane and you do not have a valid FOID card, you can only shoot twice, after that you must have a valid FOID card to use the range.

Can non-members use the range?

Yes, we have many shooters that are not members. The non-member rate is $22 per day for the 1st shooter and $12 per additional shooter sharing the lane, with a limit of 4 shooters per lane. Feel free to shoot as long as you like! 

How large is the range?

We have 16 lanes divided into 2 bays and they are each 75ft long.

Do you offer gunsmithing services?

We offer armorer level repairs like sight replacement and accessories installation. We are Glock, Smith & Wesson, and AR15 armorers.

When are IL Concealed Carry classes offered?

We offer Illinois Concealed Carry classes each month.  Upcoming class dates can be found on our Calendar of Events page.

Do you do firearm transfers?

Yes, we do. The transfer fee is $50 per firearm.

Do you special order firearms?

Yes. If we don't have what you want we will be happy to order it. Payment must be made in full at time of purchase.

Do you buy and sell used guns?

Yes, we buy and sell handguns, long guns and shotguns.  We have an extensive inventory of pre-owned firearms.

Can Non-Platinum Members use the Platinum Lounge?

Yes, the Platinum Lounge along with the Training Classroom are available to rent on an hourly basis.

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