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Whether you need new handguns, shotguns, rifles, or tactical equipment, you can rely on C.I. Shooting Sports' gun sales in Bloomington IL. Our selection is one of the largest in Central Illinois, and our gun sales in Bloomington IL are offered at competitive prices.


We have over 500 different firearms in stock, with friendly, knowledgeable, and safe staff who can help make informed purchasing decisions. So if you want to make the safe purchase, you need to check out C.I. Shooting Sports - the premier store and staff when it comes to the sale of firearms in Bloomington IL.



Bloomington IL Firearms

You can choose from among our top brands: Glock, Springfield Armory, FN Herstal, Colt, Nighthawk Custom, Ruger, Walther, and Beretta. Aside from gun sales in Bloomington IL, we also offer gun accessories, tactical clothing, and training programs. All these products and services are provided with the highest level of customer service so that you only experience the best gun sales in Bloomington IL. We're ready to answer any of your questions today.


Sale floor housing any option for hunters, recreational firearms users.

Quality Firearms from a Professional Gun Store in Bloomington IL


At C.I. Shooting Sports, we value professionalism. That's why many of our sales staff are experienced firearms trainers, law enforcement officers, and competitive shooters who are ready to assist novices and professionals alike. We practice firearm safety with our gun sales in Bloomington IL. If you do not find what you are looking for, then we'll be happy to special-order your firearms. We want you to experience great service, and that is why we also offer a layaway program. For details, please ask a store associate.


Everything you need for a great day of gun-shopping and shooting can be found under our roof. Aside from gun sales in Bloomington IL, we also have convenient firearm rentals, one-on-one training, a well-equipped range, and an onsite cafe. C.I. Shooting Sports has everything for you. Visit us today.


Knowledgeable Staff in Bloomington IL Gun Sales


Vast variety of firearm merchandise.When you are in search of a professional gun store in Bloomington IL, you can visit C.I. Shooting Sports for quality, authentic merchandise. Allow us to provide you with gun sales and other products or services you may need, including the following:



Contact C.I. Shooting Sports today for inquiries about firearms for sale if you live near Bloomington IL.


The Best Gun Store in Bloomington IL


The best guns in Bloomington IL can only come from the top gun store that provides quality firearms, comfortable tactical clothing, and top-notch accessories. However, C.I. Shooting Sports is not just a gun range or gun store in Bloomington IL. We also offer valuable training, some of which are required by the State for responsible gun ownership. Our courses provide knowledge in the care required in possessing, handling, or cleaning a firearm. To C.I. Shooting Sports, we are more than just gun sales in Bloomington IL. We're also about responsible firearm ownership.


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