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When it comes to firearm safety, every gun owner should follow the regulations that pertain to the status and condition of the firearm to prevent the unintentional firing of a weapon. For example, one should always consider all firearms they see to be loaded. Assuming that a gun is not loaded can be very dangerous especially when attempting to handle the firearm. Cooperating with law enforcement personnel is also very important when asked to produce a firearm. These are just some of the things learned from our concealed carry certification course.


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Concealed carry training in Bloomington IL is a course at C.I. Shooting Sports provided to those who are required to obtain a concealed carry license for their firearm. In this course, students will learn the basics of firearm safety, requirements, and considerations regarding the carry of a concealed weapon. Get our directions to our location on the west side of Bloomington and read our Reviews on Google.


Competencies learned from this course include the acceptance of the responsibility for firearm safety in the home and in public, analysis of the considerations of carrying a concealed weapon, and knowing the legal considerations such as the laws and statutes of possessing, transporting, and using a firearm. Stop by our facility today to tour the shooting range, firearm rentals, merchandise store, and get to know our staff.

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Required Concealed Carry Training in Bloomington IL


The concealed carry training in Bloomington IL is a 16-hour prescribed course by the State of Illinois, covering safety rules and descriptions of the state law concerning the FOID Act and the new Concealed Carry Act.

It is designed for more advanced shooters. A review of the equipment, ammunition, and shooting fundamentals is included in the course, which concludes with a 30-round certified qualification course of fire.

>> New or novice shooters should attend the NRA Basic Pistol Course offered at C.I. Shooting Sports prior to the Concealed Carry Training.


Course Requirements For Concealed Carry Training

Concealed Carry Training in Bloomington IL

  • Must have a current and valid FOID card
  • 150 rounds of ammunition
  • Handgun unloaded and encased (preferably the gun you will be using for concealed carry)
  • A holster that fits inside or outside the waistband (No cross draw, ankle holsters, pocket holsters or shoulder holsters)
  • A single or double magazine pouch for semi-auto pistols or a single or double speed loader pouch for revolvers
  • At least three magazines for a pistol or two-speed loaders or two-speed strips for a revolver
  • Hearing & Eye Protection (we have some available for you to use if you do not have any)


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Concealed Carry Training by C.I. Shooting Sports


The goal of C.I. Shooting Sports is to provide quality concealed carry training to anyone interested in owning a concealed weapon, whether you have experience or not. Safety is our guiding principle. It starts with education, and it ends with careful and precise planning of every detail, from the front desk to each shooting lane. We can help you with concealed carry training that will teach responsible firearm ownership. Trust us today.


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