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NRA Basic Pistol

9:00 am - 5:30 pm


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This National Rifle Association Certified Course is designed to teach new shooters the essential skills for safely handling and accurately firing their pistol.  The student will learn basic firearm stance, grip, follow through, sight alignment and sight picture, and the basic operation of their pistol.  Students may use their own appropriate pistol or revolver, or if you do not have a firearm, C.I. Shooting Sports can rent one to you at an additional cost.  

This course establishes a basic skill set that the students can then take into other more advanced courses or competition.  The State of Illinois offers 8 hours of credit for this course toward the 16-hour Illinois Concealed Carry License.  

This course will be taught by Janice Leuchtenberg.


Equipment Requirements:

  • Handgun, unloaded & encased
  • 50 rounds of ammunition
  • Two magazines for your pistol or two speed loaders for your revolver


Note:  All courses require payment in full at the time of registration.  If you are submitting your registration online, we will contact you to get payment. You will not be registered for the course until payment is received.

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