Jesse Munk

Jesse joins the C.I. Shooting Sports team approaching his 18th year in Emergency Medical Services.  Jesse received his first EMT certification at the age of 18 and obtained his Paramedic license in 2002.  Jesse currently holds the position of EMS Shift Supervisor at the City of Bloomington Fire Department, and is now in his tenth year of service here in the Twin Cities.  Over the course of his career, Jesse has received multiple awards and commendations for his dedicated service to the citizens of numerous communities.

In addition to his EMS experience, Jesse also brings to the table a background in Law Enforcement and Tactical Medicine.  Jesse is truly passionate about ensuring the members of the community are prepared to respond, and make a difference if ever faced with a life threatening situation.  As a member of the pre-hospital medical community, Jesse openly acknowledges often times the public has an opportunity to make a significant impact on the outcome of critical patients.

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