Janice Leuchtenberg

Certified Firearms Instructor and TrainerJanice has been a NRA Certified Instructor since 1996 and a NRA Senior Training Counselor since 2000.  In her many years of experience, she has taught over 3,000 people in three states, ranging from 10 to 70.  Janice has instructed all different levels of shooting experience, everything from young children to experience police officers.


Janice has been involved in competitive shooting since the mid-90's.  In 1996, she won 3rd place in the nation in an all-woman team at the Camp Perry National Bullseye Competition.  She took home a 1st place gold medal in 1997 at the Illinois Prairie State Games - Pistol Competition.  She continues to compete locally and has taken home many trophies for her wins.


Janice says her most rewarding experiences are from teaching women who have never shot a gun before.  She says, "When she has that 'ah-ha' moment and realizes that she can handle a gun and enjoy shooting, nothing can stop her - it shows in her eyes."


In addition to her years of experience and dedication to teaching the shooting sport, Janice also carries the following NRA Instructor Certifications:


NRA Certified Instructor - NRA Senior Training Counselor - Chief Range Safety Officer - Home Firearm Safety - Personal Protection in the Home - Basic Pistol - Basic Rifle - Basic Shotgun - Muzzleloading Pistol - Muzzleloading Rifle - Muzzleloading Shotgun - Shotgun Shell Reloading - Metallic Cartridge Reloading

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